You see, your posts suggest that we’re not living good life unless we’re rich, successful or 100% happy all of the time.
Dear People Who Write Self-Help Guides & Life Hacks
Lauren Modery

Your post was awesome and hilarious! I love your suggestions for articles at the end. YOU SHOULD WRITE THOSE STORIES! I think they would be amazing.

I write a lot of the types of articles you are criticizing, but I love your take on it. I write my posts to be useful to others, but I start with the focus of being useful for me. If others get something out of them, that’s rad and I’m super happy about it. If not, I most likely did going through the writing process and that’s great too.

I can only speak for myself and say I never suggest you won’t be happy unless you’re rich or successful. But I can’t imagine being happy without making some sort of progress in your life.

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