Olympics, Election: The Cartoon Digest.

Because the visual is pretty damn funny.

So this is me saying, “Both choices this year are abysmal.” And over 100,000 seem to be thinking along the same lines:

So I segue deftly to the other twisted, hopeless distraction:

Nobody really cares about the heavily commercialized, corporate cash cow “amateur” competition.

Except maybe for the International Olympic Committee with a major cash outlay on the line.

Meanwhile, its condoms rather than cable in the Olympic Village.

Besides the creepy Dr. Seuss/Small World tricycles, safety was key to the opening ceremony.

The host country welcomed the world’s athletes.

And new events captivated the athletes.

And Team USA is learning about other cultures.

And they’ll all come home with memories that will last a lifetime.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? Besides marketing agreements, licensing, and the IOC promoting a group of professional amateur athletes?

Well, it’s a welcome diversion from the election nonsense.

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