World Food Day: UK aid supporting food security in Sudan

Kaltoma Ahmed Kuka lives in Chololoki village, central Sudan. Like many of her neighbours, Kaltoma relies on subsistence farming to sustain her family. This makes it difficult to survive the dry seasons, when it becomes difficult or even impossible to continue growing produce.

Kaltoma harvesting crops

Unfortunately, Choloki village often experiences harsh climates that disrupt farming activities. The 2015/16 El Nino climate pattern, for example, raised temperatures which resulted in a prolonged drought, drastically altering crop production for many people in Kaltoma’s village.

The “Taadoud” (or “Togetherness”) project, funded by UK aid from the Department for International Development and implemented by a group of NGOs led by Catholic Relief Services, aims to increase food security, so that people like Kaltoma are able to better support themselves during the dry and winter seasons. Taadoud provided vegetable seeds and irrigation pumps to 80 households in Kaltoma’s village. Staff from the project organised the 80 households into eight groups each with 10 members, and gave each group a pump that they would share amongst themselves.

“Before the CRS Taadoud intervention, we used to irrigate our vegetables manually and it was laborious,” says Kaltoma. “We also were using traditional seeds only and production was very low.”

For many community members, access to irrigation pumps has made a huge impact on their vegetable production. Because of Taadoud’s El Nino response each group member is now able to earn about $300 from dry season vegetable production which they can use to support their families.


The UK Department for International Development aims to help the most vulnerable in Sudan, through providing emergency humanitarian assistance; supporting communities to better manage their scarce resources; and building their resilience to climate and conflict-related shocks and stresses.

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