Breaking the Bottle Habit — Toddler Issues

My beautiful daughter just turned 3 years old yesterday and during this historic transformation from little baby girl into a toddler princess we implemented a “NO BABA” rule during the weekend leading up to her birthday.

I have never been in a drug rehab facility or participated in a drug related intervention, but the temper tantrum, rage fueled, fits that I experienced my daughter act out were borderline — CRAZY! Please do not get me wrong, I love and care for my daughter with all of my heart but it was just a bottle of milk — SERIOUSLY!

There were nights when a usually scheduled 8:30 bedtime turned into a 2 hour discussion and then argument about why she could not have her bottle of icy cold milk. Followed up by a fit of rage and defiance!

Luckily, my beautiful wife did not have to watch or experience my daughter’s craziness; as she stills see her innocent baby girl and honestly

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