Sliding doors and Soccer balls

Here is the chain of events that has changed my life to meet these incredible kids :

1) I started a podcast series over a beer one day thinking entrepreneur stories needed to be told ..

2) I interviewed startups

3) I then thought it would be good to interview CEO’s not just Startups

4) I interviewed Mark Sowerby – MD of Bluesky

5) Mark resigned a few weeks later – look at that share price reaction … don’t worry it’s recovered .. and more !

6) Mark became this thing called a “Chief Entrepreneur of QLD” and swapped a suit for a TShirt – here he is in deep thought

7) Mark invited me to MC a QLD regional tour with a a panel of incredible entrepreneurs as part of promoting entrepreneurship

8) As part of the tour we went to Cairns – where we had 240 people for the panel session

9) In the Q&A session some kids asked Stephen Phillips (one of the panel members) a question about code and where to start – we were all in awe of the confidence of questions and answers from these kids- they were from an app called Powershot. (It helps determine the speed of kicking a soccer ball)

10) I bumped in to these kids randomly at the end of the night and their wonderful parents

11) I told them the above mentioned Story and so they decided to do their own twist on profiling

12) The “ Biz Bites” was created and they launched a video series interviewing entrepreneurs

12) So they asked me to do a “Biz Bite” – it only took them 32 episodes before to get to me…

14) Here I am kicking a soccer ball..

15) So Powershot entered the I-awards… and won the QLD prize and entered the nationals

16) So I logically had them on my podcast series as a special guest

17) They then went to the National I-awards in Melbourne…. And won the prize nationally…

18) and the tweets came rolling in

18) I introduced them to Catapult Sports – so they visited them

19) and now … the future… it’s very bright and super exciting!! Well done team POWERSHOT !

It’s been a pleasure to know you and assist you in anyway I can :) Amazing what can happen with a chain of events and a random meeting !