Would you fire me? [poll]

Clients, colleagues and my boss(es) — I’m interested in your opinion.

When did our jobs become about sending and responding to emails? I’m a thinker and a maker. I feel most happy when I’m helping to build brand experiences for users, consumers and customers. I enjoy building stories and solving problems, I enjoy thinking about un-met needs. I am happiest as a human doing business with a human.

I read a lifehack the other day that addressed the negative effect constantly being connected to email has had on our productivity.

The solution suggested: A simple out of office that indicated that you would check your inbox for two hours at the beginning of the day and two hours at the end of the day, and that if anything was urgent to send a text or call directly on the mobile number provided.

So, simple question really — for each of you in your professional and personal lives does this sound like an agreeable solution or would it simply piss you off? Please vote below and let me know in the comments if you have additional solutions or thoughts to share.

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