Come Right Back to You

Yeah, it’s me and you

lovin this feeling but I really hope it’s true.

And I dont… Know Where this began

Summer time vibes, I hope this never ends.

Sittin on the sand,

Always surrounded by my closest friends, and we don’t

Have no worries,

No where to be we ain’t got no hurry.

My feet come off the ground

whenever you’re around

I see your smile, it makes me wanna stay a while

I start to think of you, you know it’s true

I don’t know what to do

So I come right back to you.

Yeah I come right back to you.

Yeah, I’m gunna be away

It’ll be some time, but I just think of the day

When we first met

So beautiful, how could I ever forget

Your ocean eyes,

You let me dive in and swim from all the lies

But now,

I’m loving this vibe, it’s a summer time feelin I jus can’t describe

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