The fact that this is ingrained in all of us from a young age is the problem.
Ms. White

Hey Ms. White, thank you for taking the time to reply.

I just want to write a reply and clarify some things that I feel might have been misunderstood.

  1. I never said it cannot be done, in fact I’m saying the opposite, that it can be done and I just wrote how I myself would go about writing such a story if I ever tried it. I did that because as a fantasy writer my self, I was intrigued by the premise. There are a thousand different ways one could go about it based on their skill, knowledge and experience. This was simply my reply. And I didn’t expect this to be a complete idea, I just added my views on how I would bring such a creation to life. I responded with the intentions of praising the article and adding to it, not putting it down and saying it was incomplete. My apologies if it came across as such. I replied purely because I was interested in your article.
  2. I never said, mentioned, or talked about skin color. I talked about light and dark, day and night to be more specific and how they are associated with good and evil. Those are the tropes ingrained in us, not only by the world around us, but biologically (evolutionary) going back thousands of years when we were not the dominant species on earth and nightfall (darkness) was dangerous to us and we had to be on guard and warn others to not go moving about at night. Also at the time our bodies relax and sleep in order to recharge, we are at our most vulnerable. Which is usually why we imagine a lot of unspeakable horrors coming after us at such a time, as we would not be able to defend ourselves.
  3. The reason they are portrayed as so is not because of preference of color or how we perceive color. It has to do with lack of information. When it’s day time and we can see as far our eyes can, it’s harder to scare us with what’s coming than when it’s night and we can hardly see beyond our own nose without some sort of light source. This is one form of fear, based on lack of information, or rather withholding certain information, whether that is because it is night and we cannot clearly see (or at all) what is moving out in the forest, or because the door is closed and we cannot see what is happening behind it, only hear the strange sounds behind it. But again, I feel the need to point this out, these are my own personal views.
  4. I also believe the “up high in the sky” and “deep below underground” idea is based on similar things. The moment we are underground we are surrounded by darkness and are unaware of what lies beyond. Staring at the sky while standing on earth, during day time, we do not see the vast galaxy, we only see the calming blue sky.

What I got reading the article was that you asked for something to break the day/good vs night/evil relationship as well as the good comes from above and evil below. That old trope where good lives in day and high in the sky and evil lives in night and deep below underground. Which is why I talked about creating a world in which these associations we have about night and day would be reversed.

If the issue is giving them a different skin color then I believe that can easily be done, and without any explanation needed, as on this planet we live on there are people of many races and any one of them can take the role of either the hero or the villain.

I tried to create a world that would make sense for the reader that its inhabitants, unlike us humans, would be afraid of daylight and the sky, and prefer nighttime and the underground instead. I would have to give them certain traits that allow them to thrive in darkness (like vision as a cat maybe) and then create a reason why they would be scared of day light (like a predator, a natural enemy of theirs that is adapted to daylight and maybe can fly, and hunts them.)

As for you comment that people of color being afraid of white people, I’m very sad and sorry to hear that, and I hope you do not fear all white people. I find it upsetting that the human race is not moving forward towards unification and instead we are moving backwards towards separation.

If that is the kind of story you are looking for, that talks about the fear of another race, or based on any other set of characteristics within the same species then my idea is not suitable. It might not need to be so complicated of an issue that requires one to first build a whole new world, like the one I mentioned in my first comment, and have it inhabited by new creatures.

Thank you, and have a great day (or should I say night?) :)