How To Attract Customers and Promote Your Brand With Online Video

If you clicked on this article, increasing your company’s sales and outreach is probably in the forefront of your mind. You may have considered making a video in the past, but either didn’t have confidence in yourself, or figured it would be too expensive to hire someone else. How many people are going to see it anyway, right? You’d be surprised. According to an article by Forbes, 25% of people who visit a product or service website lose interest if you aren’t using video. That’s huge. Online video will turn visitors into prospects and the more prospects you have, the more chance of earning that sale.

Customers Are More Likely To Buy

A video is a great way to actively engage your target customer when they stumble across your website, but how exactly does it increase chances of being seen? The Book Beyond Viral by Kevin Nalty gives a fantastic example:

Paul wants a to have a home office that is separate from house. He takes to Google and searches keywords like “mobile office” and “shed.” He finds a DIY video of a guy building his own loft, but decides he wants a freestanding structure in his backyard. He finds a promoted video advertising structures made by local carpenters. He decides to click on it (Costing the company a few pennies per click on the ad), and he watches a video advertisement. After, Paul clicks the website URL. Unfortunately, Paul discovers they specialize in barns and chicken coops. Right before he returns to Google, he notices a video and decides to click on it. The video features a pool house converted into a home office. This is exactly what he was looking for. Paul decides to pick up the phone and give the company a call.

These aren’t just stories. They are backed up by statistics. Stacks and Stacks is a homeware e-retailer that has reported that visitors are 144% more likely to purchase goods after watching a video on their site.

Bring Value In Your Ad

Search your brand on Google and YouTube. Don’t neglect YouTube, because it is the second largest search engine (right behind it’s parent company). Lookup keywords that you think your target customers would be searching for. See if you show up, if your competitors show up, or maybe even worse: A negative review of your company on websites like Yelp. When you go to finally make a video, sell yourself first. Your target customer wants to know who you are. An initial personal connection to them is something that can best be done with a video.

Use video to bring value to your customer. Make that piece of content either entertain them enough to want to buy your product, or inform them on why their life will become more relaxing/easier/exponentially better because it has been introduced to their life. It isn’t difficult to do this. A video can be as simple as having testimonials, displaying what is in your store, or showing what your service exactly does.

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