What’s difficult about writing is… to start writing
Loic Le Meur

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, your writing challenges, and your honesty. What’s the difference between a newsletter and a blog post? I’m about to open my author website and am hesitant to commit to a newsletter. I have a blog in it to which I post regularly. So I’m curious how you’d advise me.

I’m about to publish my first book, a spiritual/business memoir tracing how God pursued me, especially while I was building a $20 million annual sales team with The Pampered Chef. If you’d like to aid a first time author and get some exposure with a book blurb, I’d be happy to send you an uncorrected advance copy. Send me an address so my publisher can ship you a copy at writeaway@me.com.


Chris Manion

Author, Beyond Sunday: God’s Patient Pursuit of my Soul

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