Chemical-Free Cleaning with Kangen Water.

If you were to glance into the cleaning cabinets of most residents, you would notice that many of the products contain chemicals such as phosphates, chlorine, acetone, petroleum, andammonia.

Many people, especially children, are sensitive to these chemicals. Prolonged exposure may cause headaches, depression, and flu-like symptoms. There is a reason professional cleaning crews are often required to wear protective masks.

I use healthy Kangen water for many cleaning needs in my home.

The amazing Kangen water purifier and ionizer filters your tap water producing delicious ionized drinking water as well as acidic water that has many household uses.

Use acidic water to wash my cutting boards, countertops, and sinks. I soak my sponges and dish cloths in it overnight to help eliminate strong odors.

Also use acidic Kangen water to help remove unpleasant odors from my hands after chopping garlic and onions.

Use the Kangen 11.5 pH to wash pesticides off your fruits and vegetables.

I share information about the versatility of Kangen water with all interested folks.

Watch a live online Kangen Demo this Tuesday.

Chris Moretti