Retail Game Changer

New App Has the Potential to Improve Your Shopping Experience

San Francisco based has developed a mobile application that turns your phone into a self-checkout kiosk. GoSkip allows you to scan your own grocery items, articles of clothing, and possibly even that portable hammock you keep eying at Costco. Imagine the convenience with GoSkip to scan a 6-month supply of Red Vines directly into your cart while grabbing a warm sample of Kirkland’s seasoned salmon from Ethel’s ez-bake oven table.

WholeFoods would have the decimal moved one spot to the right

According to Jamey Tisdale, Director of Marketing at Microsoft, “GoSkip scans provide customers with product info, pricing, and loyalty programs.” The brilliance of GoSkip is not only it’s ease for customers, but also for store owners, too. GoSkip is being designed to communicate in real time with location tracking, the store’s inventory, and security. So when location beacons place customers near areas which have historically had items disappear in the store, security personnel can be alerted to check carts and watch customers for “irregular behavior.”

Why is GoSkip meaningful?

1) Although it does remove the fun in questioning others’ purchasing decisions during checkout, customers earn time back that they would have spent in the checkout line.
2) Scan a pack of frozen margarita mix without missing a beat on Candy Crush Saga.
3) The potential for increasing loyalty through gamification is significant as retailers can reward customers with points or discounts for shopping on site. I imagine the app might even make take a page from Amazon to suggest what other customers bought when viewing the same item.

Artistic heatmap of me looking for my favorite flavor of ice cream

4) GoSkip could partner with companies like RetailNext to provide retailers with location heatmaps for key customers who consistently purchase the same brands within a certain radius. The behavioral data would allow merchandisers and retailers to tailor each section of the isle or corner of the store for different persona profiles.

Clean UX design

5) Tracking shopping routes from the time you purchased your churro to the time you scanned the rest of your groceries can allow CX professionals to not only fix a journey or portion of the ecosystem, but also look for areas to make experiences exceptional.
6) Human interaction is not a priority for many under 35, so GoSkip is a good fit for millennials.
7) GoSkip has the potential to unify CX between channels for immature retailers.
8) The potential to layer other apps like TicTrac with GoSkip can alert customers to purchase healthier options. Also, apps like might layer with GoSkip to provide alerts when customers make an impulse purchase.

As exciting as GoSkip might be I still have questions

- It’s easy to make a purchase, but will the effort increase when customers want to return an item?
- Will GoSkip layer other social data from sites like Facebook and Yelp for customers to read reviews before making a purchase?
- Will customers be required to download the retailer’s app or will GoSkip work for customers in any store?
- Does GoSkip allow customers to pay with Venmo, PayPal, or Apple Pay?
- If a customer has a poor experience in the store can he or she take it up with the retailer, the brand of the product, or GoSkip?
- Will GoSkip share customers’ data with other stores nearby to push notifications of sales or advertisements?
- Can GoSkip provide customers with itemized receipts for tax purposes?
- Will GoSkip keep a running tab of what’s in my refrigerator and remind me if I need milk, or if Fido is out of dog food?
- What about keeping track of friends with known food allergies?

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