On being ugly
Fran Hoepfner

An fun write Fran, many women will relate to it. The acne, zits, hair, 5 or 10 pounds. The tomboy at the batchelor gig. (Try putting recently peeled banana skin on your acne, moist side down. It heals it up.) There are a few women who will find your laments objectionable because they barely figure in their lives. I know women who would give anything to have skin and hair problems. Some women have suffered cruel diseases which disfigure their shape so much they are stared at. Men may tell them their problems but don’t dream of asking these women out, and if set up on a blind date with one will climb out of the bathroom window.

It’s hard to know what is amusing these days or what is a problem. A friend of mine had a four country two week Christmas/New Year break and had an unexpected overnight delay in Crete. He moaned and complained that he would be a few hours late for the IKEA team who were fitting the kitchens and bedrooms in his two non resident apartments in Cairo. One is rented out and the smaller one is his second home but he can also let it during term time as he is a professor in Dubai. I raised my daughter on a pittance and I choose to be happy.

So for each of us the problems we face are relative. I don’t think anyone has no problems but there’s always someone else with worse. How this fits into comedy I have no idea, my wit is relative to yours.

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