Live in the present moment, even when it’s a mess

This is the present moment…

It may be messy, beautiful, chaotic, with sunshine and blue skies or stormy with 18 (!) leaks dripping in your house [that did actually happen to me — I slept in the middle of the bed with leaks dripping on both sides of me].

You may go to bed hungry or wake up feeling hungry. Maybe you have $20 left in your bank account, and it’s the 13th of the month. Seventeen more days before you can even issue invoices much less get paid. I’ve rummaged through my backpack and every corner my house to gather enough change to pick up some rice and beans from the store.

You lose a client or your job. Thoughts are racing through your head — will I have enough money to make rent? Will I be homeless? Yep, I’ve had those thoughts too.

You lose a friend or partner. Maybe you both decided to go your separate ways, maybe they unfriended you for no reason (that you know of), maybe your lives were going in different directions.

Sometimes the present moment can be tough to manage.

As I shared with you a few weeks ago, I’ve handled plenty of tough present moments.

I’ve had lots of experience in managing the present moment when life was so rough that all I wanted to do was retreat. But trust me, the tough present moments aren’t going to go away without a little effort.

Here’s how to handle them:

1. Step back into the shallow end (but just for a moment).

Sometimes when life gets too difficult, we may want to stop everything completely but what I’m asking you to do is just pause and give yourself a moment to recenter yourself. Staying in the deep end and treading water will only make you tired. Once you feel more grounded, then move forward again into the deeper waters of life.

2. Create your own reality

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I’ve been saying that a lot lately. I’m making my own reality because no one else is going to help me make it. I want to live fully in this moment and when I start to get held back (as has happened in many ways these last few years), I find a way through it (or around it, or over it).

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