The Road Less Traveled — It’s A Bumpy One (but totally worth it!)

Every time I come across this photo, I giggle. There’s a whole story about it, which you can read about it in my first book on traveling in Costa Rica.

This image truly describes the way my life is and just how much I love it. It’s not some clean, paved, straight road. It’s an uneven, rough, unpaved dirt road with twists and turns that has potholes and rocks and a river going across it. You definitely would need a little extra oomph (in this case, a 4×4 vehicle) to get across.

Choosing a different road from the conventional route is fraught with challenges.

It requires resilience, tenacity, and an adventurous spirit. Sure, there are times when I grow tired of the bumpy road. People tell me they are impressed at how resilient I am, and while I appreciate the compliment, it does remind me how tough the route has been at times. But then I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes by Julia Butterfly Hill –

Through life’s trials and hardships, we arise beautiful and free”.

And that is why I’m grateful for the life I have. Being resilient can be tiring, and things haven’t always been easy.

But I can still see the beauty in each day and appreciate the freedom that I have for being able to take the road less traveled. And, to quote Robert Frost, “that has made all the difference”.

What does the road of your life look like? What have you been putting off doing for your relationships, career, education, or well-being because it would require you to take the less traveled road?

Take a risk and create your own path today, trust in yourself, trust in the universe. You never know where it may lead.

love and lemonade,

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