Sometimes the show gets canceled.

Saving a Friendship

People learn more about life and each other. People graduate and leave. People get jobs that cause them to move. Almost always, there are truly special people, called friends, who get left behind. As people grow up, friendships get harder.

It’s emotionally draining because, sometimes, the life of Person 1 may be on a different schedule from that of Person 2 (in different places nonetheless). The amount of phone calls dwindle. Visits are few and far between. That person who was always next to the other is now “estranged.” Person 1 begins to get annoyed by the lack of dedication by Person 2. Person 2 thinks it’s Person 1’s fault.

These people grow apart. Tears form. Tears dry. They both move on.

But screw just normal people. Now I’m talking to YOU. There are ways to prevent ruining the sacred relationship that holds your sanity bricks together like plaster. It’s called communication. It’s called a cell phone. It’s called the Internet. (It’s called pen and paper if you don’t use technology, which makes me question how you’re reading this in the first place).

Clear communication is key. If there is a miscommunication, cool off then talk about it. Be there for each other as if you’re just a few blocks away like before. Have a laugh. Share your dreams. Encourage each other to turn your dreams into achievable goals. Hold each other to the progress. Keep it positive.

As you grow up, friendships get harder. With so many ways to communicate, it’s possible to keep the people you care about close, even though you may be far away.

What else works? Please share in the comments.
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