Natural Healing: Benefits of Herbal Tea

By nature, the human body will experience ailments when overworked.

Recently, I’ve been experiencing numbness and weakness in my lower right leg. My physician was unable to diagnose the issue but referred me to get an x-ray and complete physical therapy.

One of my good friends recommended Ginger Tea to help with the circulation. After a few cups, I felt relief. Over the years, I’ve incorporated natural remedies to combat illness. Drinking tea sparked my interest in finding out more information about other natural remedies.

Tea is one of my favorite holistic treatments. I’ve created a list of my favorite teas, as well, as their health benefits:


Relieves insomnia, migraines, menstrual cramps, upset stomach, skin inflammation and increases relaxation.

#ChristalsTips- Enjoy a cup of Chamomile Tea before bed.


Relieves nausea, upset stomach, motion sickness, menstrual relief, increases circulation and provides pain relief.

#ChristalsTips- Drink Ginger Tea if you are feeling low on energy.


Increases metabolism, Improve blood flow, lower cholesterol, reduces high blood pressure, antiviral, antibacterial and reduces sun damage.

#ChristalsTips- Drink Green Tea if you are feeling tired. A great alternative to coffee.

Lemon Balm

Powerful antioxidant, calms the mind, encourages restful sleep, sharpens memory and problem solving.

#ChristalsTips- Drink Lemon Balm if you feel a cold coming on.


Relieves gas, bloating, nausea, hay fever and muscle spasms.

#ChristalsTips-Drink Peppermint Tea if you have an upset stomach.


Beneficial for the skin, boosts immune system, relieves constipation, reduces pain and stiffness in joints.

#ChristalsTips- Replace juice with Rosehip Tea for an extra immunity boost.

White Tea

Promotes healthy and youthful skin, prevents cancer, aids in weight loss, antioxidant and anti aging properties.

#ChristalsTips- Enjoy a glass of mixed Green and White Tea for an energy boost.

What is your favorite tea? Leave your suggestions in the comments. Can’t wait to add more flavors to my growing list of tea choices!