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Eric Willis

It doesn’t happen in just the tech world but in many corporate offices and there doesn’t appear to be any resolution in sight. You simply cannot change the hearts and minds of people through policy or even racial sensitivity courses. It is ingrained in every aspect of our lives, in the classroom, within the court system to the banking industry. To be blunt, many white people are just freaking racist and terrified of us. That being said, the woman in this situation, barring the blatant racist experience in the meeting room, seems a bit whiny or just plain naive. Esp. where ‘The Guy’ was concerned. I got annoyed each time she mentioned him. Like, why commit so much of yourself to some frivolous or imagined relationship? They were never in a deeply committed union and she seemed more concerned with the fact that he slept with other women around the office than the intolerance or disdain she received from her superiors. Why does it matter whether or not HE got fired for hooking up with coworkers? Worry about yourself and how you’re going to put that mind back to work in an industry that desperately needs black representation. That’s my two cents anyways.

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