Why the State Department Wants to Ruin Your Summer Vacations to Europe. (Its a Good Thing)

The United States State Department has recently issued a travel warning for all of Europe. The warning is set to last from May 1st, 2017 and will be active to September 1st, 2017.

I`m sure many are wondering what the government`s reasoning of the travel warning is. Quite obviously it is the constant and ever growing threat of terrorism, and specifically terrorist attacks in European countries. Since the number of attacks in countries such as France, Russia, the United Kingdom, etc. have been on a steady increase, it seems like a good idea. Here`s the problem: the countries that these terrorists are targeting are all places of heavy tourism. This gives an explanation as to why most attacks are done in public places like busy streets or transits, to maximize damage. By minimizing the amount of US citizens that are in these places, the less chance there is of them occurring. Also, we should appreciate the fact that our government wants to keep its populous safe.

I personally have a trip planned in June that will consist of visiting Scotland, Wales, and England. Additionally, my sister will be studying abroad in Europe this summer. For obvious reason, the travel warning has sparked debate between my family as to whether or not these plans should remain. Personally, I think we should not let the fear of a event that will probably never happen affect our lives. As it stands currently, I will be traveling to Europe. Although, I fully support the travel warning and think anyone going to Europe in the near future should research and make their own decision about travel.

In the end, the travel warning was put in affect to protect us and in my opinion was the right move. That being said, the mere fact that terrorism has become such a problem that we have to worry about where we travel is pretty sad.

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