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So I was reading the C# 9 announcement after an extended break from coding. Lots of cool stuff in the new version of course, I am sure a lot of people are excited about Records, among other things.

But one thing especially caught my eye, and that was the new logical and relational operators for pattern matching.

Pattern matching is best known from functional languages, and it allows you to look at the “shape” of some value to see if it matches a “pattern”, and also extract information from that value. …

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AppCenter is one of Microsoft's offerings if you need a Continuous Integration (CI) solution for mobile apps. While Fastlane can probably be called the “industry standard” for mobile app CI software, AppCenter fills a certain niche which makes it a good option for certain use cases.

Fastlane is definitely a much more complete tool-belt than AppCenter. But, in order to qualify as being used in “CI”, it has to run somewhere other than locally on your computer. This means you have to configure both Fastlane, and an on-premise box or remote cloud infrastructure where it can run.

I like Fastlane and all of its bells, whistles and warts. But for beginners, and developers who want to do CI securely¹, Fastlane is quite a bit more complicated than AppCenter. …

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