Dear Friend, your science is failing in the humanities.
Ken D. Orlich

Too many use the excuse of innovation or technology to defend their inaction, to deny the need for dramatic systemic change contingent upon their lifestyle change. IE most do not want to make their lifestyle more “inconvenient” even though inconvenient lifestyle aids individual and ecosystem level longevity, it is the short-term thinking of what feels best now that plagues our society. So it is when we begin to run out of the non-renewable resources on Earth, we look for the quick fix of mining elsewhere. I contend that humanity shouldn’t, can’t, and doesn’t deserve to leave the planet without creating a sustainable society first. We need centuries, not decades, of innovation to create interplanetary infrastructure and technology, longer than this unsustainable economy has left. Secondly, if we cannot utilize one planet sustainably, healthfully, we should not extend an immoral system by expanding to new planets. Imagine how hot the planet would get, how much less of our ecosystems we would have, if we could make endless use of exo-planetary resources to fuel our vision of progress. A city-planet. If we make it to 1 million years with an intact and healthful biosphere, like Homo Erectus did, then we can win our place among the stars.

If you wish to change the world, change yourself first. If you wish to create a high tech planet mining interplanetary interstellar society, first create one on earth worth replicating.

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