A nightmare

A nightmare

Today I had a nightmare.

As I mentioned earlier, I work in finance. Therefore, interviews were, are, and will be an important part of my career.

We had a cup of tea with a colleague and he told me that there was an interesting rumor. A red-haired girl went for a number of interviews, attacked the interviewers, and disappeared. No one was able to catch her. She always escaped the security. Then I remembered that I was having a scheduled interview with someone who fits the description next day. We laughed and did not pay any attention to this fact.

We worked hard and time passed quickly. I and few my colleagues still were in the office (by some magical and not less mysterious case, our office happened to be a three bed apartment in a residential house). Then I had a phone call.

“Hello,” an unfamiliar calm woman’s voice said, “I am having an interview today in your office, but the door is closed, could you please help me and open it?”

I was speaking with her until I reached the entrance door. I noticed that it was shut but unlocked. I looked through the peephole and saw a red-haired girl. She stood still, her face was covered by hairs and I could not see it. The girl stared at the floor. She had an airy white dress and a suspicious bag in the right hand. The first thought was that there must had been a weapon inside. Only after it I realized that this girl looked exactly as my colleague had described the interview-attacker girl. Without any hesitation I locked the door. Clinging sound of the lock broke the peaceful silence. Probably she heard it, she instantly dropped the bag, and rushed to the door. Her eyes were infernally red. She started to scrape the door. She shouted with demonic low voice, “It is only matter of time, I shall get you! You wont escape!”

I watched the action through the peephole. My hand still was holding the phone to my ear. After a while she calmed down, took her suspicious bag and left. All people in the office were a little bit surprised by such an incident. We started to discuss what to do next…

Hopefully at this moment I woke up, so I did not need to decide what to do next. Good night.