The pandemic has accelerated the development towards remote work, bringing the idea to work from anywhere in the world closer to reality – especially from beautiful places. After engaging in this experiment on Mexico’s Pacific coast in January 2021, I’d like to share some learnings.

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Executive Summary

Obwohl das sehr einflussreiche Konzept der Corporate Identity auf drei Elementen aufbaut, um die Persönlichkeit eines Unternehmens zu vermitteln – Corporate Design, Corporate Communication und Corporate Behavior –, hat letzteres immer eine geringere Rolle im Identitätsmix gespielt.

Dies ist zum Teil auf fehlende Methoden zum systematischen Einsatz von Corporate Behavior zurückzuführen. Heute, mehr als 30 Jahre später und dank Service Design, gibt es einen Ansatz, um Verhalten und Erleben auf individueller Ebene bewusst zu gestalten — und damit über Corporate Behavior die Unternehmenspersönlichkeit zu repräsentieren und das Unternehmensimage zu gestalten. …

This article was first published in German in trade magazine “Markenartikel 12/2018”

Startups and digital businesses from the US are increasingly threatening legacy companies. Their key to success: a more radical focus on humans. Genuine customer centricity requires to rethink all functions and levels. Otherwise, it remains lip service.

1. The choosy customer

Does this sound familiar? Your video streaming provider keeps forgetting which episode you saw last. Then a friend introduces you to another provider who knows exactly where you left off last time, also you can skip the opening credits. Changing providers then only is a matter of minutes, and soon the new provider is happily cashing in.

Only loyal customers ensure the survival…

Executive Summary

Although the highly influential concept of Corporate Identity builds on three elements to deliver a company’s personality — Corporate Design, Corporate Communication, and Corporate Behavior — the latter always has played a lesser role in the identity mix.

This is partly due to a lack of methods to make systematic use of Corporate Behavior. …

Christian Vatter

Business psychologist, strategist, creative. Striving to make the business world more humane.

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