The State of Pokémon Go: What The Hell, Man
Ed Zitron

What I am desperately looking for is to grow my Pokemon’s, even the very first that I got. I am basically throwing most of them away at some point because I can get better based on my very own level. Also the stupid “throwing a ball to catch it” is stupid as hell. I want to fight wild pokemon and hopefully be rewarded by catching them if they are too weak.

I just don’t really understand what the game currently tries to achieve. “get them all” — nope since in some areas you can’t find any, “be the best pokemon trainer” — nope since you can’t really train and grow your pokemons, you throw them away when you get a better one, “collaboration / socializing” — nope since you have no way to add friends, chat, or anything else. So what is Pokemon Go? I don’t know.

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