First Months of CreativeMornings Field Trips in SF

CreativeMornings Oslo event

The night before the first Field Trip event, I was quite thrilled to set the alarm at 6 am again. That was one of my worst and favorite things about running CreativeMornings in Oslo where the mornings are especially colder and darker. After co-founding and running CreativeMornings/ Oslo for 2 years, I moved to San Francisco this spring and joined the San Francisco chapter to continue serving this special global creative community. This time I was thrilled to be part of creating a new program within CreativeMornings SF called, Field Trips.

If you’re not familiar with CreativeMornings, it’s a fully volunteer and sponsorship based global monthly morning talk series for the creative communities. It was founded by Tina Roth-Eisenberg, also known as SwissMiss, a serial design entrepreneur 6 years ago with a goal of starting an affordable local design event. Today it’s spread out to over 150 different chapters around the world and now become a creative global conversation.

With such rapid growth, CreativeMornings events’ tickets would sell out within hours and had hundreds of people on the waitlist. It’s a bummer for the attendees as well as the sponsors who have countless exciting ideas and events to offer. So CreativeMornings Field Trips series was born to support this and took off as a pilot program in HQ, the NY chapter in 2015.

The goal of CM Field Trips is to allow the CM community to gain firsthand knowledge and experience of the creative world in their city. These events would be held at the same time as the main lecture events and the registration is offered to everyone on the waitlist. The Field Trips events are more intimate than the main event, hosting 10–25 attendees. And since it’s smaller, the events turned out to be more conversational and interactive. Here are some events so far from San Francisco: Surfing in Pacifica with Dann Petty, Tick-Tock Cardboard Box with, Heath Ceramics Factory and Studio Tour, Get Nerdy About Ice Cream with Smitten Ice Cream, Art Walk with Facebook’s Artist in Residence Program.

Surfing in Pacifica with Dann Petty
Rooftop of 1890 Bryant Street Studio
1890 Street Studio Tour with Caitlin Winner
Get Nerdy About Ice Cream with Smitten Ice Cream
Tick-Tock Cardboard Box with
Heath Ceramics Factory and Studio Tour
Heath Ceramics Factory and Studio Tour
Art Walk with Facebook’s Artist in Residence Program

It’s only been a few months but I’m already seeing so much enthusiasm around this. Directly connecting people who always envision themselves doing more creative work, and the individuals sharing their various projects is incredibly fulfilling. Meeting local organizations who value creativity and eager to give something back to the local community is up-lifting. Providing creative inspiration to early birds at 8:30 am before going to the day job is more magical than it seems.

Live music intro of events at CreativeMornings Oslo

This past event on Friday reminded me of why I fell in love with CreativeMornings and I became very nostalgic with my time with CreativeMornigns Oslo. It was great to be back to this and be part of a new series here in San Francisco. And though it was another city, the DNA is the same. It’s truly special.

If you live in San Francisco, and have an exciting event to offer or just want to come along for the next event, let me know. Remember, coffee’s on us.

Instagram photos from our #CMfieldtrips