Entropy & Design

Entropy is the Opposite of Design

When actions are carried out in a non-injurious or desirable manner it results in an actualization of orderliness. This is the state of design. Things done as they ought to be.

Entropy — akin to the biblical situation of Lucifer — is a descension into chaos or disorder. Things in their distorted form.

Entropy is the ugly, design is the beautiful. Design is that which is best suited to the natural and intelligent order of things. The attribution of entropy to a particular thing is to identify such a thing as the negative and degenerate form of what should’ve been orderly and positive. Thus, as illness is the opposite of health, entropy is the opposite of design.

In the course of these (future) special article series, we will observe diverse phenomena in what will be their state of entropy (E) and their state of design (D).

Racism (E), Nationalism (D)

Politics (E), Leadership (D)

Schooling (E), Erudition (D)

Stay tuned.