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What are Christian Selfies or Christianfies?

Christianfies (or Christian Selfies) are selfies that you take near a Christian location or place to share your beliefs. Sometimes we can’t travel the world to visit Jerusalem or be near the Sea of Galilee, that’s why we’ve developed an app that provides popular Christian locations as backgrounds for your selfies. Christian selfies are not meant to represent vanity or self-absorption, in fact, they are the complete opposite. We think Christian selfies are a wonderful way to express and share your Christian beliefs and feelings with others.

How does the Christianfies app work?

You can take a Christian selfie using one of our backgrounds by following these steps:

  1. Take your selfie or select a selfie from your photo gallery. We recommend using a selfie with good lighting and a solid background for easy cropping.
  2. Crop your selfie background and save to your smartphone photo gallery to find it quickly.
  3. Choose your destination from one of the backgrounds we provide.
  4. Insert and adjust your selfie on the background you’ve selected.
  5. After that, you can quickly share your best Christian selfie with friends or the world.

Christianfies’ Mission

Our mission is for people to express and share their Christian beliefs and feelings with friends or the world through a selfie. It all started with another selfie app we created and launched called Streetfies, a fake selfie app. After Streetfies made it to the Product Hunt homepage (Link: Streetfies Product Hunt Page), we saw the great potential that selfies can have in this day and age. Taking selfies with our smartphones and sharing them with the world is getting easier and easier thanks to social networks like Instagram and Snapchat. If one could share a message to the world through a selfie, why not make it a good and inspiring message? That’s why we decided to create a fake selfie app for the Christian community. Like we’ve mentioned before, Christian selfies are not meant to represent vanity or self-absorption, in fact, they are the complete opposite. They are a way to express and share your Christian beliefs and feelings with friends or the world.

Launch Details

Who’s behind the Christianfies app?

Christianfies was created by Digidust. We are the same team that created and launched Streetfies, a fake selfie app that made it to the the Product Hunt homepage (Link: Streetfies Product Hunt Page).

Since 2011, we have been developing Apps for the Web and for mobile devices, with a constant focus on performances and reliability. We prioritize the User Experience and put it in the center of our work and vision, whether we are providing design, development or marketing services. We try to glamorize our clients by offering a creative and highly technical approach, always result-driven.

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Media Kit Helpful Resources

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App Description

The first FAKE SELFIES generator dedicated to our beloved Christian Community!
 Explore the Christian world and cultures by visiting famous places from the Bible and Christian history and then leave your mark with a fake selfie.
 Why don’t visit Bethlehem where Jesus was born? Be at famous churches around the world? Do you want a selfie with the Pope? Maybe take a selfie in downtown Jerusalem? Enjoy the sunrise on the Sea of Galilee? With Christianfies, you can be everywhere at the same time.
 Learn about these important places and then share your selfie with your friends!
 Share your Christianfies on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and make them believe that you are exploring these inspiring places in Christian culture! Christianfies will allow you to easily travel or to relive those moments around the globe.
 Take your picture or select a picture from your photo gallery.
 Create a precise clipping and save it as a template to find it quickly.
 Adjust and customize your selfie.
— Choose your destination 
— Insert and adjust your portrait on the places that amuse you
— Quickly share your best Christianfie easily with friends and the Christianfies community
 Create a Christianfie in the places where Jesus walked. See how those places look in our day and share your favorite Christianfies with your loved ones while exploring the most exceptional destinations in Christian history.
 Faith is not boring and Christianfies is the perfect way to have fun while enjoying the Christian Culture.
 More to come very soon and we would love to hear your feedback, ideas or advices. Find us on Social Media:

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 Happy Fake Selfies! :-)