Always Try

The other day I grabbed dinner with some friends. We were talking about business and how my business was going. One of my friends said he has a new idea for a Waterproof Fanny Pak. How awesome right? You can now swim with your fanny pak! I wouldn’t buy one since I don’t wear fanny paks, but they were a thing once!

A month later, no progress has been made. I haven’t heard him utter the words fanny pak since. It was just an idea I guess. Which is fine.

The thing I hate about ideas is that they’re just ideas. If you don’t at least try to bring the idea to life, it remains an idea.

What’s appalling to me is that people are not even willing to try. They’re not willing to make a sample product and try to sell it. They think it’s a waste of their time.


Because they’re scared to lose short term money. They aren’t focused on the chance of the idea popping and being something everyone will buy. Sure, it may be a slim chance, but there’s still a chance right?

The sad part about that is that you will also never know. You’ll never know if that could of been how you blew up. Because you never tried it out.

This is why I got into business. Sure, I’m not the smartest or most convincing guy out there.

What I do know is that I would never forgive myself if I didn’t try. I knew that when I’m 80, I’ll look back and be pissed at myself as to why I didn’t try to start my own business. Which has always been my dream.

If I fail, then at least I can say I tried. At least I gained experience that I can apply in other business ventures. I know I won’t regret losing short term money at a 9–5 job I could be working right now.

For some, a 9–5 may be your dream and all your looking for. Great. For me, not so much.

I encourage every on to try to do what they want to do in life. Whether that’d be to start a water proof fanny pak business, work at a huge company, or work on a secluded island.

You just always have to try. Try it for your 80 year old future self. At least then you’ll know if it was meant for you or not. Always try.

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