One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

Man… Where do I start? 
These past nine months have been tough. 
Nine months ago I decided to quit my 9–5 job and start my business “Pure Growth Media”.

The feedback I was getting when I made that decision was hurtful, disheartening, and discouraging. No one believed in me. Literally. They didn’t believe I could do it. They told me that wasn’t what regular people did. They thought I was taking a step back(Sorry for sounding like DJ Khaled here with all the “They”s I’m using), but what they didn’t understand was that I was taking a step back. On purpose.

Ok Christian, where are you going with this?

What I’ve learned and seen from successful people, from people that have actually made it is that they all had to make sacrifices to get to where they are. You always hear about the cliche stories of Zucks and Gates dropping out. Bezos left his comfortable job to start Amazon. Beyonce gave up her whole childhood to work on her craft. All the greats gave up something upfront to gain more in the long term.

Too many people are afraid to take a step back to move two steps forward. Some are even afraid to move at all. Which is fine if you’re happy. If you’re not, there needs to be a change.

You’re going to have to give up time, money, or sleep. You’re going to have to stay up till 2AM working on your side hustle and get up at 5AM for your regular job. You’re going to have to invest your money into something you believe in. It may not work as well. But it’s better to try than to regret.

I’ve learned a ton throughout these past few months. Stuff I would never have expected to encounter. I’ve grown and have gotten better. I’ve learned more about myself and who I am. I know what my strengths and my weaknesses are. No matter what the outcome is, I’ll come out on top. Because I’ve learned, I’ve experienced and I’ve become a better me.

I know I’ll never regret the decision I made nine months ago. I’ve learned a huge amount and am back on my feet. Now, I have to keep building and never get comfortable with where I’m at. Look to always grow. Strive to become the best you. Never be afraid to make a change. Who knows, it could be one of the best decision you ever make.

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