Your Actions Have to Match Your Ambitions

I see it all the time.

People say they have these huge ambitions and never take any action on them.

Heck, I’ve done this myself a lot in the past.

We’ve all set New Year’s resolutions right?

And we all know by February most people have given up on those resolutions.

Every year I’ve set a goal of losing weight and getting in shape to look like Zac Efron.

Safe to say I’m far from that even though I hit the gym 4–5 times a week.

Because that’s not the only thing that matters. Theres a lot of other factors that come into play.

You have to eat right and a lot.

When you work out, you have to push yourself.

You probably need to go the gym 7 times a week.

I don’t know. That’s why I haven’t reached that goal.. yet.

Because I haven’t put in the work.

I haven’t taken the actions needed to fulfill that ambition.

Does that mean I should quit? No way.

It means it’s time to make a change.

To make sure my actions match my ambition.

If I want to buy the Minnesota Timberwolves, I’ll need to work harder than everyone else.

No more going out on every weekend.

No more hanging with people that don’t push you.

No more joining 5 sport teams.

No more playing NBA 2K for 5 hours straight.

All my leisure activities must become less.

My passion for business must be my focus.

Everyday. With every action I take.

Now, I’m not saying everyone should get rid of their leisure activities.

What I am saying is that you must take the right steps needed to reach YOUR goals.

If you want work-life balance, great! Map your actions to achieving that.

If you want to travel more, great! Stop spending your money and save!

Find out how to hack traveling prices.

Put in the work.

See what I’m getting at?

Your actions must match your ambitions.

Otherwise they’re just ambitions.. that may never be reached.

That’ll lead to regret, which is the biggest poison in life.

My call to action if you read this far is to map out what actions you need to take to achieve your ambitions.

To make your dreams into a reality.

Because no one else will do it for you.



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