One year for Halloween I wanted to be the Red Power Ranger,

but my mom couldn’t find a Red Power Ranger costume anywhere. Eventually I settled for a Blue Power Ranger costume. My neighbor Rocko got a red Power Ranger costume. I was really jealous. I grew up in a cul-de-sac and my parents didn’t want me to go beyond a lightpost near the bend of the cul-de-sac. Before Halloween, Rocko came over to show me the Red Power Ranger costume. I was so intrigued by the costume, I tried to follow Rocko home. He lived beyond the lightpost, so I followed him to it and then walked back home sadly

Rocko’s real first name was Rocky, which was actually Rocky Jr, because his dad was named Rocky, so he went by Rocko instead of going by his dad’s name. Rocko had a half-brother named Liam. Liam was only a year older than Rocko. Liam had red hair and pale skin and the rest of Rocko’s family had a dark complexion. Liam was literally the red-headed stepchild, except a half-child from the rest of the many siblings. I didn’t understand this at the time, but the only thing that makes sense was Liam was conceived from an affair

I really didn’t like Rocko. We would play a lot, but I don’t know why because I usually got annoyed by him. He would eat top ramen raw, out of the package, and I didn’t like that. I didn’t like Rocko because he couldn’t focus and didn’t care about things, while I would get incredibly incredibly focus on specific things and cared about things a lot. I remember playing with Rocko in the yard on a hot summer day. Something he said or did ticked me off so I said ‘Rocko, you’re fired!’

One time, when I was young enough that my mom wouldn’t leave me alone while she ran errands, and she ran to the bank, she left me at Rocko’s family’s house. I wasn’t there long but I felt weird about the house. Rocko had lots of family members who I had never seen before, and his dad had a big mustache that bothered me. Their house was cluttered and dark. Not long after, I had a nightmare about their house, imagining it as a carnival. I only went to their house one more time in my life, for Rocko’s birthday party. That time, we were mostly outside rather than inside. In the backyard they had a nice big deck. I liked their backyard more than the house

The last time I ever saw Rocko was in 12th grade at the North Auburn Taco Bell. I was in there, and Rocko was in there. They were having group interviews to work at Taco Bell, and Rocko was participating. I honestly forget if I was in there to buy Taco Bell or participate in the group interview. I don’t remember applying to work at Taco Bell, but I don’t know why else I would have been in Taco Bell alone