what I am writing now and why

I essentially have a few types of writing projects I am working on.

I have a few ebooks that are conceptual pieces that I have yet to release. One of these is ‘a complete list of every Dr Phil episode’ which has been a more labor intensive project than I ever imagined. I also have a conceptual book called ‘the big book of the collective consciousness’ which will be a book of copypastas (and it will be B I G). Finally, I have a conceptual project called ‘in a station of the metro part 2’ which will be an interactive, encyclopedic, web-based conceptual piece about the Paris Metro

I also have a book of photos that I want to release called ‘Lost Wages’. These photos are from Las Vegas. I just need to finish assembling this and find a good way to release it (maybe gumroad). I also plan on making a similar photo book to ‘Lost Wages’ called ‘Filthydelphia’ (maybe, Idk) when I move to Philadelphia.

I am also working on my big poetry book. It is currently 90 pages long of one single poem. I do not know how long it will be when I finish, but it will be an epic poem. It will be called ‘an arcade mound made of slot machines’.

I have also begun compiling notes for what someday may become a novel, but someday may become something else

And then finally, I have two pieces of writing that will be released as books, or book-like forms. I don’t have much information on these except one will be about future urban planning and one will be about pro wrestling, but they are types of writing that don’t fit in any neatly defined category.

I am posting this to keep myself on track with the projects I’ve started, and to let everyone who reads my stuff to know there’s a lot coming :) It’s just a matter of putting in the last bit of elbow grease one what I have started :)