How to Get Plump Lips

The plump pouty look is a growing trend amongst women. As you age, your lips start to thin out over time. This makes your lips look flatter and smaller than they did when you were younger. Injectable fillers are used by some women to enhance their lips but those leave only temporary effects. To keep the plump look, you’d have to get injections every four to six months! This method may be useful for some but for others, there are some noninvasive ways to get poutier, fuller, and more youthful looking lips.

Plumping Lipstick/Gloss

To temporarily plump your lips, you can use plumping lip gloss and stick. These methods will swell your lips and make them appear plumper. The enhancers use cinnamon oil or capsaicin ( an ingredient in hot peppers) to irritate the lips so that they swell slightly. The lipstick and lip gloss may cause some tingling but that feeling usually resides.

3D Lip contouring

To contour your lips, start by choosing a lip liner that’s shade is slightly darker than your lipstick and a gloss that’s a few shades lighter. Use the liner to outline the very outside of your lips and make lines down from the center and middle of each side of the bottom lip, and on either side of the top lip up towards your peaks. When applying your lipstick make sure to press when applying, instead of sweeping. Finally, top your lips with your lip gloss and you’re all set!

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