Makeup Tips for Older Women

Women in their thirties:

The thirties are a very busy time for most women, whether it be from raising a family, growing your career, or a little bit of both. It’s the perfect time to start a new makeup trend because you’re leaving behind the insecurities you had when you were in your twenties. Since you’re always on the go, the best thing to do is develop a quick ten-minute makeup routine, so you don’t slow yourself down. What’s your best feature, your lips? Focus on accentuating them by finding the perfect color or using 3D lip contouring. Maybe your eyes are your strongest feature? Spend a little time adding mascara and a little bit of eyeshadow, this quick look will last you all day.

Women in their forties:

The forties are a wonderful opportunity to make a transition when applying makeup. Around this time, you’ll notice that the bright and shiny eyeshadows you used to wear will start to accentuate your wrinkles in your skin. Try using a darker matte shadow to avoid this. On the opposite side of the spectrum, matte lipsticks can make older lips look dull and dry. Rich and creamy lipsticks and gloss will work best.

Women in their fifties:

Less is best! As we get older our skin matures and makeup starts to settle into wrinkles, creating noticeable creases. When applying makeup to your face use less product and softer, lighter colors to brighten your face.

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