What do I REALLY need to do my job?

Adobe Creative Cloud; Invision Studio; pen/paper sketching

I’m old enough to remember actually going to computer stores
(RIP CircuitCity) to buy software. Expensive software had anti-theft devices on them, or were merely symbolized by empty boxes on the shelves. You had to ask a salesperson to get a real box (with about 120 CD-ROMs in it) from the back. (And if you remember what ROM stands for without looking it up… congratulations, you’re officially old!)

This was also the time when updates/upgrades to software were actually a very big deal. If Adobe announced an upgrade to its suite, you had to figure out some serious shit: Is…

Get to know the new head of our Experience Design department at the DigitasLBi Boston office

The Boston XD team at DigitasLBi recently welcomed Brent Eveleth to our team as our new SVP. I sat down with Brent to hear more about his past, his plans and his advice for the young leaders in his charge. Eveleth is excited to be back in Boston, after several years in New York, and he’s excited to tap into the academic intellect and wide array of industries at our fingertips.

Changes in leadership are never easy. Even when going from one awesome leader to another (as we are), the transition itself can feel like a first day of school…

Let’s celebrate a wonderful 1st year with a look back at our top 5 stories

We started the DigitasLBi XD team blog with a pretty humble purpose — provide a platform to share the team’s thoughts on Experience Design as it relates to our lifestyles, our fears, our ambitions, our challenges, our biggest gripes, and everything in between. We wound up with so much more. I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve produced over this first year, and I know it will only get better. Our focus is our people; our theme is who we are. Our blog is unique because of our team. …

Inside DigitasLBi XD is an interview series of the Boston XD team’s “Unicorn of the Month.”

Amy LaChapelle

Where are you from?

I was born in Wisconsin, grew up in Illinois, and went to college in Ohio.

What was your first job?

First job ever, or first job as an adult? I’ll tell you both.

My first job ever was as a candy taster at a candy factory. I am not making this up. There was a candy factory in town when we first moved to Illinois, and kids could sign up to participate in market research and product testing. The few times I went in, I did a lot of…

Thinking about usability when the only user is yourself

Setting up a studio is a quintessential usability challenge: set up a world where the user doesn’t have to think, an “interface” to facilitate creation.

I’ve been painting since I was 14 years old. The concept of having a studio in any form is a requirement for my life. I need my special corner of the world to focus and create something that is truly my own. After many years of setting up many studios, here’s what I’ve learned about the usability of it all.

You’re only as big as your arms

A great studio keeps the most important items within arms reach. What do we hate…

Pete Holmes gets his shot in this painful and brilliant HBO series.


I consider myself a bit of a stand-up comedy nerd. I love stand-up comedy as an art form: where an average human collects average observations and turns them into above-average insights & stories we’ve all had, but are too afraid to say out loud.

Crashing is a new comedy from HBO centering on Pete Holmes, basically playing an early version of himself as a struggling comedian in New York City. (See the trailer here). We greet Pete at a turbulent time, when his wife has cheated on him with the archetypal sensitive lover — the “sexy”, hippie rebel who is…

…or how I learned to appreciate delightful UX before I even knew what it was

After about a year of owning a computer with a CD drive, (late ’90s), I read somewhere that movies were going to slowly transition from the hearty yet fragile VHS to a new digital format on discs that looked just like CDs, called DVDs (Digital Versatile Discs).

The idea of having a movie on a disc sounded so expensive and futuristic. When I looked at my computer’s humble CD drive, I knew someday we’d have the ability to watch movies on our computers. …

Bravery is not a choice when it’s your only option.

20th Century Fox

This review contains spoilers.

Normally I like more risqué movies. I like explosions, fight scenes, swearing, and not-overly-gratuitous nudity doesn’t bother me. So movies like Hidden Figures don’t normally attract me as I find them a bit too tame. However, being a woman in the tech industry (UX design) it hits close to home as a bit of an origin story.

Without the women of Hidden Figures, I don’t know if I’d be where I am today. As a young white female, I consider myself extremely lucky to have landed where I am, but I don’t want to even start…

Candy-coated dreams melt away eventually

Written and Directed by Damien Chazelle. Starring: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Rosemarie DeWitt

This review contains spoilers.

With the recent passing of Debbie Reynolds, I’d been thinking lately about one of my favorite films when I was a child, Singin’ in the Rain. At first glance, its songs give the impression the film is about keeping a positive attitude and beating the odds when life gets you down. But when you watch it, you realize it’s about the fallacy of Hollywood, and how those most enchanted by it are often those most at its peril.

A love letter to the Massachusetts’ North Shore

Rated R, 137 Min. Starring Casey Affleck, Lucas Hedges, and Michelle Williams
Written & Directed by Kenneth Lonergan

Amazon Studios

This review contains spoilers.

I often wonder what other parts of the country must think about the Boston area. So many movies over the years (Boondock Saints, The Town, Gone Baby Gone, Mystic River, The Departed, Monument Ave, Black Mass, etc.) paint the area as outrageously tough, dangerous, unapproachable and so provincial it’d be easy to believe there’s a password to get in. (And don’t ask me what it is, I can’t tell you).

Is Boston all those things? Eh, yeah I…

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