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“who are not particularly uncomfortable in their lives themselves”

I wish the people who are comfortably-off themselves but keep screeching “it’s not my job to educate you!” would go away. Go hang out at their trendy kale or paleo or whatever food makes them feel holy this week forums instead. They make the lives of those of us who are uncomfortable and have no choice but to reach out much, much more difficult.

I question whether any adult who has never persuaded someone in power to change has the personality qualifications to be an activist. Besides which, this type usually has plenty of power. I cannot think of one example who continues to cling to this but wasn’t either born into a ton of money and/or is an upper middle class or wealthy professional themselves. And they’re screeching that they aren’t going to try to persuade those oh-so-powerful coal miners, auto workers, and people working three part-time jobs. Um?

I realized late last year that they’re not on my side. And they never were. All they care about is feeling good about themselves and their tribe, which is not my tribe. Unlike the right wing, they might dole out a few crumbs if they feel like it that day. But unlike the right wing, they’ll try to tell me I should live in a continual haze of guilt for various things that are not sins by any sane metric. Potato, potato, both sides want everyone they see as lesser than them to live in misery.

I’m not playing their game any more.