The Great and Secret Show Is One Of Barkers Best Works

The Great and Secret Show is written by Clive Barker an English writer. Horror became popular in the 1980’s with classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Evil Dead, An American Werewolf in London, and The Shining. Books from that time are a favorite with readers even today. There are many writers that are reinventing the genre with their works and these include Dan Simmons, F. Paul Wilson, Richard Laymon, Ramsey Cambell, Joe R. Lansdale, Peter Straub, Jack Ketchum, John Saul and Stephen King.

Clive Barker stepped into the market like a bombshell. His works were so inventive that it blew people away. Readers found his talent phenomenal and brutally original. He was rated by Stephen King as the future of horror. Such comments on Barker encouraged readers to buy his books and experience the horror on their own. Kings blurb appeared on his cover and he soon rose to fame 
Barker in his works never relied on old concepts that are boring. He loved pushing the limits and coming out with innovative ways of redoing horror. His best books include Cabal, The Hellbound Heart, The Books of Blood, Imajica and The Great and Secret Show.

Cabal is a short story that features critters. Boone’s therapist has him convinced that he is a mentally ill murderer so he escapes to a place called Midian, where the inhabitants are monsters. Boone finds Midian that is populated by Nightbreed, a race of monsters. He gets confused in the story and does not know where he belongs. The story is an interesting ride through monsterville.

The Hellbound Heart is a short story about obsession. The main character Frank Cotton thinks he has come across everything this world has on offer and is looking for more excitement. The sensation he is after is locked inside a puzzle box. Frank has to crack the box open to get to what he wants and it turns out to be a bad experience for him as he gets dragged by mutilated beings as punishment for opening the box.

The Books of Blood are short stories that boosted Barker to the forefront of horror. No one executed their ideas in a clean-cut way as Barker. He expanded the stricture of horror in an original manner. Imajica is a favorite with many fans and also Barker himself. In the story, Earth is one of the five realms of existence. Earth has been exiled from all others that stand united. Earth can attempt to reconcile every 200 years. If you dream of leaping from world to world you will like this book.

The Great and Secret Show is one of Barkers most popular works. Fletcher and Jaffe are fighting with each other for years, first as humans and then as supernatural beings.

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