So, today I had one of those brief moments of insanity where I decided to organize my computer files and I realized something: I have file after file after file of “stuff” and even files inside of files of “stuff”. And as I began clicking and dragging and deleting unnecessary items, I became overwhelmed by virtual closets, DIYs, recipes, quotes and sayings, tattoos, and on and on and on.

That’s when it hit me . . . I am a cyber-hoarder.

That’s right, my name is Christine and I am a cyber-hoarder. Over the span of almost 3 years (that’s how long I’ve had my laptop—Mab—I named my laptop Mab—don’t hate) I…

Today 11:03 am

Hey Tony . . .

What’s up, Justin?

We really need to get going on organizing our website. I want to get this up and running soon. Why haven’t you answered my texts?

I hear ya. I was writing. You know I shut my phone off when I write. So what are we looking at with the whole thing?

For the most part, it’s lookin’ good. …

Links: they’re everywhere. In fact, a person would be hard-pressed to find anything on the internet that isn't linked. Yes, linking can be a temptation to so many people in so many ways. But that’s why I’m here. To help you and to guide you away from these distractions that lay in wait, nestled between the very words upon which we read.

If you, young scholars, access the internet to research a topic for a paper, you must resist the temptation of the almighty hyperlink. The links within the text hold the biggest enticements and beckon the reader to “click…

Quickly and efficiently plotting the demise of an arch nemesis

Once upon a time there were four women who gathered for a weekly poker game: Maleficent, Cruella, Ursula, and the Evil Queen. Most poker nights, the conversation consisted of sharing spells, incantations, sewing tips, and recipes. However, on this particular night, the conversation had taken a more sinister turn . . .

Maleficent took a sip of purple drink and complained, “I tell you girls, I’m simply furious about this whole not-being-invited-to-the-christening thing. I am the most powerful in all the land! They dare snub me? Won’t do a’ tall.”

“Agreed, M. Their insolence cannot go unpunished,” Queen nodded, tossing…

LOL . . .

Hello. My name is Christine Belgarde and I am a procrastinator. I’ve basically been a procrastinator all my life. In fact, the first time I procrastinated was when I was born—10 days late. When someone voices their frustration with my procrastination, it ignites my own frustration with their lack of understanding and tolerance. “Do you think I want to be this way,” I ask defensively. They usually fire back with some judgmental crap about time management, to which I retaliate, “I was born a procrastinator! It’s not something I can simply turn off . . …

The 411 in 10

Hi, my name is Christine Belgarde, and I find piecing together information that would help others get an idea of who I am daunting to say the least. Here, I have created a list of ten things I would like others to know about me.

  1. I am a liberal studies major at Bemidji State University.
  2. I am a professional writing tutor at Itasca Community College.
  3. I have three children (2 boys, and a girl).
  4. I’m a cat person.
  5. I enjoy those rare moments when I can just be a girl.
  6. I dislike an intolerance of other…

Christine Belgarde

A writing tutor by day; a college student by night. Dabbles in hocus pocus, believes ice cream sundaes should be a food group, loves black cats, and vodka.

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