What one ex-sex-worker’s adult son’s FB page sometimes looks like.

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Several months back, my adult son, who lives in Korea posted an interview with a Korean sex-worker on his FB page.

(it’s about police harrassment)

An anti-trafficking type called her a liar

A debate ensued.

The anti-trafficking dude

The son

The anti-dude

The me, semi-code-talking to the son

The anti-dude

(innocently tripping a whole bunch of my triggers — what pomposity!!!)

That link

The son

The anti-

The son

Yup —

getting snotty. . .

(feels great every once in a while)

the anti-(timing-pre-my-tirade)

the anti-(oops, maybe he puffed himself a hair bigger than he ought)

A female friend (of son) steps in, I’m appreciative — ‘Link to Lies, damned lies and sex work…

Maybe your secret is the similar to mine. Maybe you were there once too, in that mysterious underworld where innermost flesh is transacted and men’s secret desires create the market — where women parade naked and men abandon pretense, that paradoxical realm of the secretly un-hidden. Maybe you have since erased all evidence linking you back there (though you can never erase it from your heart). Perhaps you created a new, good life, far from that underworld, where you are loved, have earned respect, are accepted.

After all that distance, why would you go back to that darkness, even if only in public discourse? …

When conflict arises between my husband and I, it means something new wants to emerge. It means a blind spot has been brushed up against. It means the potential for magic is strong.

Conflict avoidance is the best way to ensure that nothing changes. When we avoid the discomfort of facing conflicts head on, no new life gets breathed into the situation.

At best, the status quo is maintained.

At worst, entropy continues to run its course (which might be a fine thing, but not something I have time to participate in).

If we want co-creation, new solutions & presencing the future — we have to learn how to embrace conflict. We need to reframe our understanding of how to be in it, so that we cease defending and attacking. We have to learn to dance with what is emerging. …


Christine Capra

Social connective tissue | network guardian, network/systems mapping | sex-worker activism | role of feminine archetypes in system-change

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