Dear 5th grade crush

I remember that afternoon like it was yesterday.

I was finishing up an assignment that the teacher gave us, diligently and with care, just like how I was taught. And there you were.

By the window, with the sun streaming down your golden brown curls, you were hunched over, with a determined focus. Your hands were gingerly moving, trying so hard to get it just right.

I came over, with avid curiosity, and to my surprise, found you, holding ever so gently, the dead body of a common black fly. Surrounding your hands on the window sill, were its legs. Deranged, scattered, almost carelessly strewn across the white pane.

I exclaimed, “Derek! You are so cruel, to do that to a fly, how could you?”

And without any hesitation, and with a glimmer of shining blue in your hazel eyes, you say, “because it’s fun”. You promptly turned your attention back to the dead fly, and I learned there I could not compete.

There began my first crush, on the very first bad boy that entered my life. And so you linger in my memory, forever haunting me with your easy attitude, and careless, addictive love for danger.