Gun Control & Homophobia :

Let’s stop avoiding reality of the US’s latest mass shooting

Each time the world pauses as another mass shooting takes place in the US, the still hopeful say, “surely this time, this time, something will have to change,” while the more jaded wonder what way the gun nuts will twist reality to further their cause, and what politicians will spout empty platitudes whilst remaining afraid to take on the extremist gun lobby.

While much of the media surrounding the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting will focus on Omar Marteen’s alleged allegiance to a terror organization in the Middle East, peddling disaster porn and Islamaphobia, they will fail to educate the public about reality surrounding the latest American mass shooting tragedy.

Here are the facts.

9 realities of the latest US mass shooting

1 “Radical Islamic terrorism” is not the issue.

To portray this as a scaremongering “spread of IS who hate our freedom” is both inaccurate and irresponsible.

While radical Islamists may spout hatred for infidels which include gay people, it is not the answer to why this tradegy has happened, despite the right wing’s affection for the phrase.

2 Islam does not hate homosexuality

More than 1 billion Muslims don’t hate homosexuality with a deadly rage any more than I as a once-christened Catholic do.

While the Koran, much like the Bible does refer to homosexuality being ‘wrong’, if we lived our lives literally by the book, there would be no divorce, pre-martial sex, abortion, masturbation and hands would be cut off for stealing. Oh, wait. That’s Saudi Arabia, one of the US’s greatest allies.

To equate Islam with a hate crime is to equate every bat-shit crazy and hate-filled protest the Westboro Baptist Church carries out to Christianity.

Mateen was openly homophobic. He chose to target a gay club because of this.

3 Mateen appears to be a typical American mass shooter

An American citizen, a lone wolf with a violent past. Only this time, Mateen happens to be Muslim over the far more common Christian white male profile.

Omar’s father believes his son was homophobic.

Omar’s ex-wife says he wasn’t religious and that he beat her repeatedly.

His past points to mental instability and homophobia.

4 ISIS ties are doubtful

Although Mateen pledged alliegence to IS during his 911 call, that does not an IS attack make.

After other IS attacks, like Brussels and Paris, IS encouraged supporters to spread the word. They made an official statement directly from IS themselves. This time, the IS-linked Amaq agency cited an IS source.

5 Obama’s impotence

In the two terms of Obama’s administration, the increasingly frustrated and despondent president has failed to make any gains in addressing the mass shooter mentality in the US, highlighting the stranglehold the gun lobby has over the administration.

Obama has given FOURTEEN speeches to the nation in the wake of a mass shooting, with SIX of those given in the past year.

5 The answer is not more guns, it should never be more guns

There is no reason for an American to own, or want to own, a semi-automatic weapon, an assault rifle or a grenade or any other weapon that is meant for war.

The AR 15 semi-automatic rifle used by Mateen was also used in the Sandy Hook and San Bernardino massacres. Despite being on the terror watchlist, Mateen was free to purchase the lethal weapon.

If protection is the only issue, a handgun should be the accepted form of self-defense weapon across the US, along with rifles for actual hunting enthusiasts.

6 NRA loads the gun

The NRA’s claim that the AR 15 semi-automatic rifle is good for home protection and hunting should highlight the absolute gall and corruption of the NRA.

Politicians are in the pocket of the NRA, a fact that would be humiliating until you compare it with the influence of extremist government Saudi Arabia in US domestic affairs as well as APAIC. US politics are bought by the most heinous echelons of society.

7 Homophobia has not ended

Gay people have been persecuted for years.

Let us not sweep under the rug the underlying issue at hand here. LGBTQ people face discrimination, ignorance and persecution every day.

It is not so long ago that the US openly treated gay people shamefully. In a country where the Klu Klux Clan, Donald Trump, the Westboro Baptist Church and armed militia reign, let us not confuse the US with a more liberal nation. There are many in the States who hold ignorant and hateful views towards gay people.

There have been numerous attacks on gay people and places they go in US history. Evangelical Christians hold backwards views on gay people. Some of these same people are the ones spouting the need for more guns. On a global level, one only has to look at the persecution of gay people across Christian nations such as Uganda to see that homophobic violence is a major issue, one that cannot be blamed on Islam.

8 This is not a Muslim issue

The Orlando mass shooting is a devastating tragedy. It is a tragedy that is likely a hate crime carried out by a hateful man with homophobic views who was on the terror watchlist, and still was able to swan into a local gun shop and purchase a deadly weapon. Whether he swore allegiance to IS or not, homophobia and gun control are the real issues, which no amount of drone strikes will address.