Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Mobile App Developer

While most of the intelligent business owners believe that both the mobile website and mobile app are equally important, developing an efficient mobile app will help in achieving customer loyalty & better revenue. The open rate of push notifications built in the mobile app is about 97% whereas only 3% customers read the messages delivered through email. According to the research conducted in 2015, it was found that more than 780 million users prefer to use mobile only rather than using desktop or laptops. We can see that mobile apps are becoming more and more essential over the time for every small or large scale businesses.

Usually, business owners go through the work portfolios of several app companies & reviews to gain more information about them before hiring a good mobile app developer. It is important to ask some questions to know about the app developer before finalizing it for the development of the app.

Here are the questions you must ask your Mobile Application Development Company before hiring:

Detailed Information about their top apps

Knowing the best mobile apps developed by the company will give you a brief idea about the capability of the development team. It is quite possible that what company thinks as the best apps might not be successful in the market. So, having the knowledge about their work will make you figure out if the company is reliable to work with or not. Also, ask about their leading clients & how successful their apps are running now.

Is the development team in-house?

There are many companies that outsource some part or complete app development process to another third company. When they do so, you may have difficulties in monitoring the progress of the work associated with your app development process. It is advisable to go for the company that will work in-house so that you can make any corrections you need while in development.

Regarding after app launch maintenance policy

The relationship between the business owner and the developer team does not get over after the launch of the app. The app needs to be upgraded from time to time that may include regular updates after the launch and solutions for resolving bugs & errors. Ask the app developers team about their post-launch maintenance policies & services before finalizing.

Who will own the mobile app?

If you are paying the company for the development of the app, they should allow you to own the source codes, documents & other related databases associated with the app. It is recommended to ensure that the company has proper licensing & agreement so that you won’t have any issues in getting the full authority of the mobile app without having to pay an extra licensing fee.

Mode of communication during development

Consult with the app developers to fix the convenient time when both of you can communicate to have a timely discussion regarding the development process. Set a common communication medium that will be used throughout the development cycle either through email or skype. It is advised to discuss the time & date that will be convenient for both if you live in different time zones.

Make sure you ask the above questions & understand them clearly before choosing the app developers for your app as partnerships built on good communication tends to be successful. Since the journey of mobile app development is a lengthy process, choose wisely to make sure that you don’t regret later. In addition to that, proper management of content is required which is why we suggest you choose the well-suited Enterprise Content Management System. Hire the best mobile app developers team to get the desired results your app needs.