An Interview with Gabriel Machuret, the Original ASO Professional

Gabriel Machuret is one of the world’s leading App Store Optimization experts. He is author of ASO Ninja and the ASO Bible, and in the past year alone Gabriel has helped over 400 developers and companies to optimize their apps and understand how the app stores work. Let’s listen in on his extensive experience to obtaining quality ASO.

How did you started in the world of App Store Optimization?

I come from a SEO background and moved into ASO after I was inspired by a close friend’s struggles with his first app project. I had a lot of questions about how people find apps and when I started to dig into the world of App Rankings in 2013, I realized that not a lot of people even knew what ASO was. So I started to research it, launching a podcast, a video course, my first book about ASO, and after a few months, I was publishing apps and helping app companies to optimize their apps.

Why do you think ASO has become such an important aspect of app marketing in the last years?

Mainly because organic traffic is always going to be cheaper than paid traffic. Paid traffic can always be influenced by a market where the ones with the biggest budget can determine the cost per download. I personally believe UA is vital, but is only going to become more expensive…

App Store Optimization by far brings the best ROI for any app company, mainly because the results of ASO can be incremental and often achieved by a tiny fraction of the cost of other app marketing strategies.

A good optimized app can enjoy the benefits of their ASO for months or even years to come whereas paying for ASO you will find yourself always tied up to a traffic strategy that’s subject to a sudden increase of cost that is out of your control. ASO helps you to recover the control of your organic traffic.

Why do you think you have become such an authority in the world of ASO?

I think I’m well-known because I have always been open about the big questions behind ASO and I’m not scared of challenging app developers to demand more of their own marketing strategies. For me, ASO starts with the mindset and I truly believe that every developer needs to educate themselves before starting any app project.

It concerns me and makes me upset when I see app companies that fail based on pure ignorance about how the app industry really works. My goal has always been to educate as many app developers and appreneurs as possible. The more we talk about marketing challenges the best the ecosystem will work for all of us.

Where do you see ASO heading in the years to come?

Since the last app store changes in November (Apple’s latest algorithm change), I believe that app stores will be working more in a LSI (linguistic semantic indexing) strategy, I also believe that a quality score will start to take place where small and dead apps will stop ranking , giving space and more terrain for active apps to gain organic traffic.

Although the competition is increasing, social signals and engagement are going to be the fuel of the ASO of the future.

What is your top advice for app companies that are getting started with ASO?

To use ASO as the best way to market research your industry/niche. ASO is not only great to optimize your app but to get a clear understanding of the panorama where you want to compete.

Using ASO for market research will get app publishers to build apps where their niche has been already defined and where they can clearly understand the levels of competition. It is important that app publishers understand that not all apps are the same and that in many cases not all the apps in their same niche are actively competing. ASO can really help them have a clear understanding of their place in the market.

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