What We Learned in 2015

2015 has been a hugely successful year for us at Mobile Action. What has helped us on our way to success? Well, for starters (numbers approximate):

  • 300 gallons of Turkish tea
  • 1,000 pizzas
  • 1,000,000 team pushups

These plus our amazing community of users have collectively fueled our team to answer over 30,000 user questions, chat with customers on over 10,000 hours of phone calls, and helped our CEO Aykut attend 3 meetings a day!

We’re happy to say these phone calls, cups of tea, meetings, and slices of pizza have added up over the course of the year. We’re excited, proud, and humbled to share these amazing numbers with you. This year, Mobile Action has:

  • Expanded from 50 to 7000 cities
  • Boosted our download data from 5 million to 50 billion
  • Grown our revenue data from $20 million to $35 billion
  • Increased our number of users from 1,000 to over 100,000
  • Raised 2 over million dollars
  • Helped users complete 4 million Recommended Actions
  • Assisted our users to grow their monthly download data by an average of 15%

These amazing numbers have translated into a lot of learning for our team. We want to share the most valuable gems of insight, knowledge, and wisdom we’ve picked up in 2015. Without further ado, here they are:

From our CEO, Aykut:

“The most important thing I learned is that the App Store is growing incredibly fast, in many directions. For app developers looking to differentiate their solutions in the market, the Apple watch and Apple tv provide amazing opportunities.

We also discovered that our Recommended Actions feature is substantially helpful to users. Users who completed 30+ Recommended Actions saw an average monthly increase of 20%”.

From Cagla, Product Team:

“What I have learned in 2015 is that growth is never “done”, both personally and professionally, and the road to find the next growth trigger is what makes us keep going. In this and all other aspects of life, “Done is better than perfect.”

From Engin, Product Team:

“I have two lessons.

  1. Don’t start with projects that are too big. Instead, divide everything into small projects and deliver quickly.
  2. If you know how to request something from people, they’ll do it. For example, we were trying to get more iTunes Connect credentials from our users, so we decided to request that in our new onboarding and it helped a lot. After we implemented the new onboarding, our ITC connection rate tripled so our users could receive even more helpful data.”

From Miray, Sales Team:

“This year was amazing for me and for all of our Customer Success & Sales Team. We are so proud to continue to build relationships with the App Store’s rockstars!

What I’ve learned the most about our year at Mobile Action is that every day is a new challenge, a new opportunity, and in almost every case you’ll be doing something you haven’t done before.”

From Josh, Strategic Advisor:

“The importance of effective team communication cannot be overstated. It’s crucial for project progression and advancements without wasting time, while keeping everyone in the loop of what’s going on. Also, try to avoid getting caught on the small details when testing to release a product. Different iterations can be made for minor details.”

From Yekta, Product Team:

“This year passed so fast for us. We tried many different things, and we learned to never give up until it’s done!”

Appy Holidays Everyone!

In 2016, we’re committed to keep helping the app ecosystem and make everyone’s apps more visible in the App Store & Google Play Store. Here’s to hoping you all had an amazing break and you’re ready to dive into 2016. As always, happy tracking from Mobile Action!

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