Becoming a Full Stack Designer…

UX Design is a big deal in the tech industry. As a Front End Designer/Developer I wanted to learn more about UX so I can see how to apply this to my work. I took an online UX Design course at Career Foundry (an online bootcamp school) starting in March of this year. I’ve done a few UX projects on the side for startups and non-profits to gain experience, but wanted a structured learning experience. I also wanted to learn more about user research. For the course I had to create a project / task management app. So I went through the entire UX process, from requirements gathering, research, analysis, design, test and then iterate.

I gathered the requirements from what the business stakeholders wanted and then did some research on the competitors and the market. Once I completed the research I did some analysis to figure out what opportunities are out there to make a better product. I came up with a hypothesis that the users wanted an easy to use app and has the right features.

I tested out my hypothesis by interviewing with potential users and figuring out what are their needs, what are they currently using, and what could make a project / task management app work for them. The overall need was communication. Ease of use was really important as well.

I sketched out some wireframes, tested it out with users and then make changes. I then created some interactive prototypes using Invision and Axure to see how functional the app is. I then made some more changes. Then I created an initial design.

I tested the initial design using A/B and click testing. By the end of the class I came up with a product that I think can compete with the others that are out there.

Here’s a link to my portfolio piece. Check it out and give me some feedback. After this class, not only can I code out the front end and design the UI or website, but I can also do UX design as well.


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