Ken, I agree entirely that we need to look at abuse of power dynamics broadly with gender specific…
ingrid sanders

Disclaimer: I’m as staunch a supporter of gender balance as you will find, and want to make that point clear. I disdain “bro” culture, and have even paid career penalties for being outspoken on the matter.

However there is indeed a point to be made here: It is all about the power dynamic. Right now that power dynamic heavily favors men, so far more men are in the position to leverage their power for abuse, hence this is where the abuse exists most blatantly. No doubt.

With the above disclaimer: I’m not the image of a male model, but I do have a flat stomach and a 30" waist. Few men my age do. I have personally had women above me in positions of power proposition me sex and extramarital affairs many times.

Even in writing this I considered including some details and decided to delete them because it could be dangerous for my career to do so. See how that works?

This is in no way an argument against women in positions of power. Far from it. Women should have the same opportunity to make the same judgements as well as the same mistakes that men do, but there is a lot of naivety around the notion that these things will go away, but if only …

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