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Silvia K. Spiva

Hi Silvia, I’m usually not much on Medium but I was just too curious about what you have to say. I hope you’re doing well?

First I was a little confused about the style and the subject. I was looking for a call-to-action or a message in a way. Then, reading further, I understood the underlying theme of your post better.

I thought this was a very fresh way of informing others. You found not only great words, but you found some great paragraphs to deliver your thought and feeling — not a call to action.

Using the hashtag alone was so subtle that I absolutely read over it, without thinking about it. But as you picked it up and explained it, this got a whole lot more interesting. It’s beyond folksonomy. It’s Silviasonomy in a way. The taxonomy with meaning on several angles. Yet, without washing out the meaning of using these as content categorization and indexing.

Decoding and chaos was the second great angle of your post. With that you managed to tell a story of why, what, and how — in three minutes reading time.

I like what you’re doing here. It’s not your normal boring corporate post. It’s a lot more interesting than many thing’s I’ve seen here on Medium.

Keep it up!

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