Combine these two stories and you have a hint at how to build a business operating system.

You can’t just quantify business metrics and call that strategy and you can't ignore metrics needed for creative endeavors.

Trust and strategy are hinting at where to find real growth strategies. Not a complete story but a start.


Can the study of words connect to CRM and help us simplify predictive analytics? We all know travel and especially hotels is a difficult business. High cost, lacking the technology needed to sustain disruptive forces, travel need a break.

Hoteliers can build loyalty and trust with guests with the help of CRM technology. This technology can provide a complete view of the customer through the predictive analytics and data-backed insights needed to effectively prioritize customer experience and deliver the personal attention guests have come to expect.”

Hotels are onto something. Brands have few real ‘sources of truth’. One is CRM…




Delight or not?
  1. the study of the relationships between linguistic behavior and psychological processes, including the process of language acquisition.

My work involves this study of linguistics and the psychological process through the gateway of customers and what they buy. By no means do I perform psycholinguistic research and it’s pure form. Instead, I look at real-world human behaviors and convert them into a series of personality traits — all predicted. Theories of customers. …

Here are a few articles and one program I like about disruption and innovation. We are debate what it means and if it exists. What worked so well for a few decades is now changing. Change is good and we should expect much more to come.

Unfortunately, disruption theory is in danger of becoming a victim of its own success. Despite broad dissemination, the theory’s core concepts have been widely misunderstood and its basic tenets frequently misapplied. Furthermore, essential refinements in the theory over the past 20 years appear to have been overshadowed by the popularity of the initial formulation…

“It all comes back to the customer — To avoid this type of needless innovation, retailers should look to become shopper-centric in every aspect of their business” That statement 3 years old. We are seeing how modular business architecture speeds the pace of disruption. 3 years ago has introduced a number of new ways to shop and not shop.

I don't think it is “do or die” but do or slow change and eventually become meaningless. Kmart did not die as fast as it should. We still have legacy stores because many serve a purpose and are not served by…

Hotel America, Amsterdam 2015

From the article…..

While I like this article I would love to see more travel companies focus on brand building and product.

Here are some marketing initiatives in this category:

  • CRM marketing initiatives with pre-, in- and post-stay messaging aiming to engage the customer, remind of booked services, inform of hotel location, local tours and activities during stay, recommend and upsell services, and make sure guest experience is at its best.

Segmenting customers by traits can yield some ‘not so obvious’ answers about why people buy. Putting people first can yield better product-market fit and less reliance on media. …

Psycholinguistics and research in China


I recently found this online and find it very impressive. The department is new and impressive. This is the research needed for organizations to better understand their customers. It is thinking like this that solves so many real-world problems.

“Department of Linguistics was established in 2018 Nian 10 Yue 29 days, is relying on the unique educational advantages Northern language, abundant resources of language students, excellent traditional linguistic research and building to linguistics personnel training and scientific research as the main target language Mission, an innovative “new liberal arts” as the construction philosophy and guiding principles of international…

Most brands can't afford this but they can afford to segment and target based on deep reasons why we buy. Broad branding is something of the past for most.


Not by making people work harder and longer but by doing the things that are innovative and more valuable. It is a mixture of many things.

There’s a lot of modern economic principles that don’t help innovation. Innovation is not efficiency. The results of innovation drive great efficiencies but are often capital intense efforts that drive out the older, less efficient system in the long run.

When we examine wealth creation, we don't see linear thinking. Think about Google. They started as a free search engine. They acquired paid search technology. The initial investment is small compared to the bets…

Christopher Skinner

Inventor of Product-Market Fit technology. People should have better choices.

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