Bestival — An Annual UK Music Festival

Arts entrepreneur Christopher Marc Melton is a partner in charge of financials and strategic planning with the Nashville, Tennessee-based fashion boutique Any Old Iron. In addition to his work in the retail industry, Christopher Marc Melton is a founding partner of the award-winning boutique music festival Bestival, an annual event that takes place on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom.

Each year since 2004, attendants of Bestival have flocked to campgrounds around the festival site, each of which offers a unique theme based on popular songs and singers such as Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Barry White.

In addition to live music and DJs, the event features food venues and other non-musical attractions such as performers, comedians, and interactive activities.

The festival also strives to minimize its ecological footprint by encouraging the use of public transportation to the site and using alternative energy sources where possible. Local and raw foods are sold during Bestival, and activity fees support various charities.

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