Yes, Trump Is a Fascist — Here’s the Checklist
War Is Boring

I am the furthest from being a Trump supporter (or voter). I respectfully disagree with the author; he begins with the supposition that Trump is a Fascist, and proceeds to cherry pick examples that would “prove” the writer’s assumption.

Emile Gentile has presented the best checklist for Fascism — in fact it is the standard typically used by Historians. Check out Gentile’s list, summarized below, and decide for yourself if Trump fits the definition of a Fascist.

  1. A mass movement with multiclass membership, which bases its identity on a sense of comradeship; and aims to monopolize political power by using terror & parliamentary tactics to destroy democracy.
  2. Is anti-materialist, anti-individualist, anti-liberal, anti-democratic & anti-capitalist…and expresses itself through myths, rites and symbols as a lay religion.
  3. A culture founded on mystical thought and will to power.
  4. A nation as an ethnic and moral community, adopting measures of discrimination and persecution against those considered to be outside the community.
  5. A civil ethic founded on the total dedication to the national community, discipline, comradeship and the warrior spirit.
  6. A single state party that has the task of providing for the armed defense of the regime.
  7. A police apparatus that controls/prevents/represses opposition.
  8. A cult of personality type of political system organized around the figure of “The Leader.”
  9. A corporative organization of the economy that suppresses trade labor while broadening the sphere of state intervention.
  10. A foreign policy inspired by myth of national greatness, with the goa of imperialist expansion.

Above list from:

Payne, Stanley G. (1995). “A History of Fascism, 1914–1945.” University of Wisconsin Press.

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